Brunette got a long masssage


Tall slim hot brunette enter the massage room.  She was; told to undress and makes her way to the massage bed wearing on a lace pant. stretching out the white sheet, he begin by rubbing oil all over her back and his muscular arm kneads her knotted muscles bending and unbending each muscle fiber to his will. Her breathing even out as more oil find she contour of her ass. He rubs the oil and squeezes her ass as his hand travel from her feet up her ass and back down pass her inner thigh.She turns over exposing two perfectly formed breasts. These he rub with oil in slow circular motions. Practice hand moves past her naval then up again to her twin tower breasts. Her breathing quickens as he lightly pinches her now erect nipples. He takes off her black lingerie and slowly massages her clitoris. Moans escapes her parted pink lips while her back arched as each strokes brought closer to climax. He rub with oil in slow circular motion